Balkan Studies Program

The interdisciplinary study of southeastern Europe has long been a special focus of the Harriman Institute and the East Central European Center at Columbia University. Over the years, Columbia University has been the training ground and intellectual home for many prominent scholars and specialists on the Balkans.

The Harriman Institute fulfills its mission of training academic experts on the region, and providing a public forum to discuss important issues relating to the Balkans, in a variety of ways:

Courses: Each semester, the Harriman Institute, together with other academic departments at Columbia University, sponsors a number of academic courses devoted to the history, politics, and culture of the Balkans.

Lecture series: The Harriman Institute/East Central European Center sponsors a regular Balkans’ Lecture Series, in which leading academic specialists, diplomats, politicians, journalists discuss their research and work.

Conferences: On a regular basis, the Harriman Institute/East Central European Center organize academic conferences dedicated to the region.