Russian Practicum

The Russian Practicum offers three intensive courses in Russian language (beginning, intermediate and advanced), as well as content courses in subjects such as Russian literature, cinema, and culture. Language and content courses may be taken individually or in any combination. Language courses accommodate both undergraduate and graduate students with a variety of backgrounds and reasons for studying Russian. Students may earn up to eight credits of Columbia University credits in the full eight-week program, which is divided into two sessions, June 5-June 30 and July 5-July 28, 2006.

Literature and culture courses, which do not require previous study of Russian, are designed for upper-level undergraduates and graduate students. Our courses introduce participants to some of the finest work ever done in art, literature, and film.

The program features small classes taught by experienced instructors. Extracurricular activities will reinforce language learning and amplify students’ knowledge of Russian culture. these will include:

● visits to Russian art collections in New York area museums and libraries

● walking tours and meals in New York’s Russian neighborhoods

● opportunities for conversation in Russian

● films selected to further language learning

Language and literature courses provide an opportunity to students who may wish to accelerate their study of Russian, or who have recently decided that they may want to major in Russian literature and language or regional studies, but who have not yet completed the necessary course credits.

Tuition Information

For more information, contact the Director of the Russian Practicum, Alla Smyslova (212 854-8155; .

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