Alexander Cooley, EXIT FROM HEGEMONY

Tuesday, June 23, 2020
Political Science

Exit from Hegemony: The Unraveling of the American Global Order

By Alexander Cooley and Daniel Nexon

  • Offers a definitive guide to why the US-led order is fundamentally transforming
  • Argues that American hegemony is ending and identifies four ways in which the nations can lose power
  • Specifies the different mechanisms that will endure even if the US tries to reassert its international leadership in a post-Trump era
  • Grapples with 'hot topics' in contemporary foreign-policy debates: the rise of China, Russian support for the transnational right and information warfare against the West, and Trump and the fate of liberal order
  • Redefines power to be inclusive of networks, cultural connections, and NGOs
  • Applies a large body of social-science theory to discuss international relations, in particular among the US, Russia, and China

Oxford University Press, 2020