Harriman Regional Specialization

Students of the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) may fulfill SIPA's requirement for a specialization by completing the Harriman Institute Regional Specialization. The specialization requires the completion of a total of three graduate level Post-Soviet and/ or East Central European courses (at least 3 credits each), at least one of which is a seminar or colloquium. These courses must be chosen from at least two disciplines.  Click here for a list of Harriman graduate courses.

The Institute encourages SIPA students considering the regional specialization to complete the Harriman Institute Certificate. At the same time, it recognizes that the additional course and language work may be difficult for students combining a regional and functional specialization or students with minimal prior background in languages relevant to the former USSR or East Central Europe.

Since students pursuing the Harriman Regional Institute Specialization have diverse backgrounds, interests, and professional goals, the Institute has not mandated a standard sequence of courses. Students are encouraged to design a program adhering to the principles guiding course requirements for Certificate candidates – the choice of a country of specialization, course work in the modern history of that country, and courses selected from several disciplines.

Concentration Audit
To verify completion of the Harriman Institute Regional Specialization, students must complete the SIPA Harriman Institute Regional Specialization Audit Form, available at sipa.columbia.edu, and submit it to the Harriman Program Manager (room 1211 IAB). Once the form is signed, it should be delivered to the SIPA Student Affairs Office for final approval.

For further inquiries, please contact Rebecca Dalton at 212-854-6239.