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3 Questions with William Persing (MARS-REERS ’18)
June 18, 2021

Photo: William Persing on Lake Baikal in March 2016 while participating in the Serendipity-Russia program at the American Home in Vladimir, Russia.

What do you miss most about the Harriman Institute?

I miss the student speaker series for the Program on US-Russia Relations and the opportunity to talk with experts about the latest trends in the region. Simon Ostrovsky’s talk on his coverage of the war in Donbas was a real highlight.

What are you reading right now?

Howards End—I’m on a real E.M. Forster kick after seeing The Inheritance on Broadway pre-social distancing.

What is your favorite experience related to the region?

Watching the sunset over Lake Baikal in the middle of winter while enjoying some smoked omul.

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