Pepsico Grants for Faculty Research Travel

PepsiCo Fellowships are awarded to support semester and summer travel to and research in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. In exceptional cases, travel to make a research presentation at a conference in the region may be supported. Open to all Columbia faculty.

Application Details


All applicants must meet current Columbia University travel requirements (see Travel Notice below).

Fellowship recipients are required to submit a brief trip report within six weeks of their return.



  • Proposal – (2 page max.) Please include research project title, dates of proposed travel, and indicate for which semester/summer you are applying. Please include any arrangements you have made with the host institution.
  • Itemized budget – Please include the actual cost of airfare. Maximum award: $3,500; smaller requests are encouraged.
  • Curriculum vitae

How to Apply

Email application materials in a single message to Xan Faber. Please send all documents as PDFs.


Summer/Fall fellowships: May 3rd

Winter/Spring fellowships: December 1st

Travel Notice

Please note that all countries in our region are currently at Level 3 or 4 and approval from ISOS, School Dean, AND the Provost office will be required in order to travel and receive reimbursement from the Harriman Institute.

Procedure for Faculty Requesting International Travel for Columbia-related Activities in U.S. Department of State Level 3 & 4 Countries:

  1. Complete Travel Waiver.
  2. Register travel with ISOS.
  3. Have itinerary reviewed by ISOS.
  4. Secure written approval from the dean or head of the administrative unit.
  5. Secure written approval from the Provost.

This applies to travel both from the U.S. to non-U.S. countries and between non-U.S. countries, including after a return to a non- U.S. country of residence. Requests should be submitted prior to booking travel and at least 30 days prior to the commencement of travel.

Please contact for more information.