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Edward Tyerman’s “Internationalist Aesthetics” Receives Honorable Mention for MLA’s Scaglione Prize
December 6, 2023

Edward Tyerman (Slavic Ph.D. ’14; Associate Professor, UC Berkeley) received Honorable Mention from the Award Committee of The Modern Language Association of America’s Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Prize for Comparative Literary Studies for his book Internationalist  Aesthetics: China and Early Soviet Culture (Studies of the Harriman Institute, Columbia University Press, 2021).

From the citation:

Edward Tyerman’s Internationalist Aesthetics: China and Early Soviet Culture provides timely insight into the long history of mutual influences of China and Russia on each other. The implications of this work for comparative literary studies cannot be overstated. Internationalist Aesthetics decenters Western Europe from comparative conversations on modernist art and literature to instead illuminate the understudied Sinophone and Slavic materials that helped shape modernity. Tyerman also compels us to rethink the linguistic range expected of comparativists, and with it the limitations imposed by the North American and Western European training that dominate the field. Considering aesthetics
as a deliberate endeavor to forge internationalist movements, as Tyerman does here to trace the impact of Chinese culture and journalism on the early Soviet cultural imagination, can inform future research in a wide range of other contexts.