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Conference. Archaists & Innovators Read Shklovsky’s Bowstring

The fourth annual workshop of the Formalist Re-reading Group convened on September 23-24, 2022 to discuss Victor Shklovsky’s Bowstring. This event was organized by Mark Lipovetsky (Columbia University), Sergei Oushakine (Princeton University) and the Harriman Institute.




Day One: Friday, September 23

Presentation I

Julia Vaingurt: Granny’s Toque: Old Age Style, Shklovsky’s Retrofuturism, and the Contemporaneity of the Obsolete


Presentation II

Emily Van Buskirk: Grandma’s Red Hat: Memoir and Theory in Shklovsky’s Tetiva


Presentation III

Ilya Kalinin: Ландшафты Прошедшего Времени: Закон Обратной Перспективы


Presentation IV

Bradley Gorski: Who Pulls the Bowstring? Attention and Postfiction


Presentation V

Lidia Tripiccione: How to be an Author: Tetiva and the Technologies of Reading


Presentation VI

Lilya Kaganovsky: “Filmed as though in Slow Motion and Examined Through the Magnifying Glass of Time”: Shklovsky Between Past, Present, and Future


Event Video (Day One)


Day Two: Saturday, September 24

Presentation I

Michael Kunichika: Morphologies of Muteness: Shklovsky and the Unspeakable


Presentation II

Kirill Ospovat: Compassion and (Social) Form: Narrative Silence and the Voice of the Subaltern


Presentation III

Ilya Kukulin: Morphologization and Psychologization in a Secret Circuit: Late Viktor Shklovsky and E.H. Combrich


Presentation IV

Jessica Merrill: Major Verein or Captain Hatteras? Shklovsky on Perception, Repetition, and Literary Form in Bowstring


Presentation V

Oksana Bulgakova: Как Вернуть Мяч в Игру, или Антониони (не) по Шкловскому


Presentation VI

Zdenko Mandusic: Reinvented Forms: Viewing Thaw Cinema through Shklovsky’s Bowstring


Event Video (Day Two)