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Harriman Institute/Davis Center Master’s Thesis Colloquium

The Master’s Thesis Colloquium highlights research carried out by second-year students in the REECA program at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Harvard University, and the MARS-REERS program at the Harriman Institute, Columbia University. A diverse range of topics will be covered in a series of short presentations, with opportunity for audience Q & A. This event will be held in a seminar format.



  • Alice Mee, Columbia University,The Enemy Within? Collaboration and the Boundaries of National Identity in Wartime Ukraine
  • Olga Kiyan, Harvard University, Toppling Lenin and Pushkin: Reimagining Collective Memory in Ukraine
  • Dasha Bough, Harvard University, Sunflower: A Village, A Film, and a Thousand Year Story
  • Lucas Risinger, Harvard University, It’s Complicated: Economic complexity of Ukrainian Trade Reorientation, 2013-2019
  • Zuzanna Iwanejko, Columbia University, Shifting Sanctuaries: Post-Soviet Sanatoria and Displaced Communities in Georgia
  • Sonya Gupta, Harvard University, Ukrainian Refugee Health at the Crossroads: Governmental versus Nonprofit Models of Chronic Care Delivery in Germany
  • Tessa Conrardy, Harvard University, From ‘Independent’ to ‘Opposition’: Russia’s War in Ukraine and Role Discourse Among Russian Journalists in Exile
  • Levinia Teodorescu, Harvard University, From the Shadows to the Frontline: The Emergence of Paramilitary Organizations in Post-Soviet Russia
  • Dana Brouillard, Columbia University, Indigenous Identity in Russia Sapmi
  • Kateryna Olkhovyk,  Harvard University, China’s Ambivalent Messaging on the Russia-Ukraine War: Narratives and Implications for Chinese Foreign Policy and Its Role in the War
  • David Gasparyan,  Harvard University, Between Progress and Pushback: Eastern Partnership’s Internationalized Democratization
  • Jennifer Helinek, Columbia University, Rebuilding Relevance: Czechia’s Magnesia Litera Prize and the Promotion of 21st-Century Literature
  • Jangul Erlon-Baurjan, Harvard University, Fugitive Steppe (1891-1948)
  • Conor Cunningham, Harvard University, Bridging Divides: A Comparative Analysis of Disinformation Dynamics in the Republic of Moldova
  • Jason Seter, Columbia University, The Growth, Reception and Social Role of Stand-Up Comedy in Croatia