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New Historical Cinema II: Dear Comrades

This event was held virtually as a Zoom webinar and streamed via YouTube Live

Please join us for a meeting of the Russian Film Club with speakers Pavel Khazanov (Rutgers), John MacKay (Yale), Peter Rutland (Wesleyan). Moderated by Daria Ezerova (Harriman Institute) and Mark Lipovetsky (Columbia University). This event is part of our Contemporary Culture Series.

Dear Comrades (2020), Andrei Konchalovsky’s twenty-first feature-length film, focuses on the Novocherkassk Massacre of 1962. Shot similarly to his 2018 film Paradise, Dear Comrades has had rave reviews: “stunning” (The Guardian), “a masterpiece” (The New Yorker). The film raises questions about historical accuracy: the director asserted that for him “there is no difference between fake history and real history” and that one “usually believe[s] in character, not in facts.” A continuation of our discussion of Beanpole in the fall, this webinar will focus on the changing attitudes to historical accuracy in the making of period dramas and whether we can speak about the emergence of New Historical Cinema in Russia of the 2010s-2020s.

Note: The event does not include a screening of the film. Attendees can watch the film in advance on Film Forum or on Hulu.

Russian Film Club: New Russian Cinema

2021 Webinar Series

Organized and moderated by Daria Ezerova (Harriman Institute) and Mark Lipovetsky (Columbia)

FEBRUARY 24, 7:00 PM
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Eliot Borenstein (NYU), Tomi Haxhi (Columbia), Julia Vaingurt (UIC)

MARCH 8, 7:00 PM
Adapting Russian Classics to the 2020s: Dead Souls

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Lioudmila Fedorova (Georgetown), Ilya Gerasimov (Ab Imperio), and Anne Lounsbery (NYU)

MARCH 23, 7:00 PM
New Historical Cinema II: Dear Comrades

(Andrei Konchalovskii, 2020)

Pavel Khazanov (Rutgers), John MacKay (Yale), Peter Rutland (Wesleyan)

APRIL 6, 7:00 PM
The Post-Human as the New Other: Cyborgs, Fembots, and Androids in Russian Television Series

Tatiana Mikhailova (Columbia), Elena Prokhorova (William & Mary), Sasha Prokhorov (William & Mary)