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The Information Dimension of the Russian War Against Ukraine: Semantics, Pragmatics, and Change Dynamics
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Please join the Harriman Institute for a lecture by Antonina Berezovenko. Moderated by Elise Giuliano.

With the beginning of the Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine in 2014, information interaction in Ukraine turned into a component of a hybrid war. Today, information does not appear as an “accompanying factor” of military confrontation, but becomes an “information front line,” that is, a full-fledged component of the landscape of military operations. In light of this, those complexes of communicative means that are opposed to Russian military aggression are considered weapons. It is not only about the traditional analysis of propaganda and counter-propaganda. It is also about large-scale changes in the communicative repertoire of political elites and public broadcasting as a whole, reforms in the field of language policy, unfolding of Ukraine-centric and collapse of post-/Soviet historical-political narratives.

Dr. Antonina Berezovenko is an Associate Professor at the Department of Ukrainian Language, Literature, and Culture, Faculty of Linguistics, National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” where she is currently teaching. She graduated from Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University in 1985, she specialized in Slavic Languages and Literature (Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Russian). After Post-graduate studies at Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University and Sofia St. Climent Ochridski University she received her Ph. D. in Slavic Philology / Linguistics at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in 1993 (USA recogn. 2001). During 1996-1997 she was a Fulbright Senior Researcher/Professor at the Harriman Institute, Columbia University. She served as a Scholarly Secretary of the International Association for Ukrainian Studies (2002-2005), as a member of book Prize Committee of American Association of Ukrainian Studies (2018-2020), and since 2009 she serves as an editor-in-chief of the scientific journal “Philological Herald.” In 2000-2007 she was a chair of the monthly Harriman Institute roundtable “Language Policy and Language Situation in Ukraine” at Columbia University. Her recent research interests are focused on problems of national identity, Post-Totalitarian societies, socio-political discourse, linguo-semiotic analysis, comparative language policy (Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Russian). She is a widely published author.