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Kimberly Marten Interviewed by TASS about NATO Summit
June 15, 2021

Kimberly Marten, Professor and Chair of Barnard Political Science, is quoted extensively by TASS about the NATO summit and the prospects for Ukraine’s membership as well as President Biden’s warning to President Putin of liability for future cyber attacks against the United States.

“In President Biden’s words today, the question of Ukrainian membership ‘remains to be seen.’ Biden noted that Ukraine has not yet met NATO membership criteria, highlighting the need for Ukraine to clean up corruption in particular. When he was Vice President under President Barack Obama, Biden had overall responsibility for US-Ukrainian relations. That means he knows the issues well, so his noncommittal answer today is significant. But it’s also significant that he added, ‘we will do all we can to put Ukraine in a position to be able to continue to resist Russian physical aggression.’ In other words, Ukraine doesn’t have to be in NATO to get US support,” Marten said.

Marten also discussed the Biden-Putin summit in El Mercurio, a leading Chilean newspaper.