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Mariya Chukhnova Reports on the Current Situation of the Scientific Community in Ukraine
May 17, 2023

Mariya Chukhnova (MARS-REERS ’20), Project Coordinator at The Critical Mass, shares takeaways from running a critical project in support of the Ukrainian scientific community.

Chukhnova highlights:

  • Resilience of Ukrainian scientists: Despite the challenging circumstances of war, Ukrainian scientists have shown remarkable resilience and dedication to their work. They continue to contribute to research and innovation, even in the face of adversity.

  • Critical need for support: The destruction and damage inflicted on scientific institutions and equipment have created a critical need for support. It is essential to provide resources and assistance to rebuild infrastructure, replace equipment, and ensure the continuity of scientific activities.

  • “Brain drain” and talent retention: The war has led to a significant brain drain, with many Ukrainian scientists seeking opportunities abroad. To retain valuable talent,it is crucial to address the underlying issues and create an environment that fosters scientific development and provides incentives for scientists to stay in Ukraine.

  • International collaboration: International collaboration plays a vital role in supporting Ukrainian science and innovation. Partnerships with foreign institutions and organizations can provide resources, expertise, and opportunities for knowledge exchange, helping to strengthen the Ukrainian scientific community.

  • Long-term investment: Sustainable development of Ukrainian science requires long-term investment. Adequate funding, infrastructure, and support mechanisms are essential to ensure the growth and success of scientific endeavors in Ukraine.

The Critical Mass supports a number of important initiatives with the U.S. Department of State and other international partners. Key recent projects include identifying and mitigating Russian disinformation in Georgia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan; dual-use goods and border security projects in Iraq and Panama; WMD crime scene and evidence investigation in Morocco; and aviation security and chemical response initiatives in Kurdistan.