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Matthew Murray Delivers Keynote on Rule of Law and the Business Environment in Bulgaria
January 25, 2023

On January 20, 2023, Matthew Murray delivered the keynote address at the conference on the Rule of Law and the Business Environment in Bulgaria. Murray spoke on how to counter the law of oligarchy through collective action by the private sector.

From the opening of Murray’s address:

It is a true honor to be here today with this esteemed group of Ambassadors from the United States and Europe and representatives of international and local business associations.  Congratulations on convening this topical conference on the Rule of Law and Business Environment at this critical time for Bulgaria, for the world – when the future rules of the game of globalization are being debated, decided and determined … in forums just like this taking place across the world.

My purpose this morning is to address how the private sector in Bulgaria can identify and develop new opportunities to strengthen the rule of law in the nation and in the Balkan region. In particular:

  • How should you — as business leaders– define the “rule of law” in Bulgaria?
  • What are new approaches for the private sector to take “collective action” in support of the rule of law
  • Broadly, how to strengthen the rule of law and counter corruption to help achieve new levels of economic prosperity?
  • Even more broadly, how does the rule of law bolster Bulgaria’s independence and sovereignty as a nation? How does your legal culture and business ecosystem express the values that Bulgarian citizens share?