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Slavic Review on Yuri Shevchuk’s “Ukrainian-English Collocation Dictionary”
March 6, 2023

In the Fall 2022 issue of Slavic Review, Michael Naydan praises Yuri Shevchuk’s Ukrainian-English Collocation Dictionary (Hippocrene Books, 2021) as a “monumental event in Ukrainian lexicology.”

“It is described as six dictionaries in one: translation, collocation, learner’s, thesaurus, phraseological, and encyclopedic. It hits the mark on each of those categories with copiously detailed entries, which exhibit the compiler’s in-depth knowledge of both Ukrainian and English. Yuri Shevchuk navigates back and forth seamlessly between the two languages and presents consistently suitable versions of Ukrainian words and phrases in English.”


“The sheer abundance and quality of information in Shevchuk’s entries should make his dictionary a primary source that translators and learners should go to in seeking translations of Ukrainian words and expressions. Shevchuk’s collocation dictionary, the first of its kind for any Slavic language, should also serve as a useful template for future compilers of similarly constructed dictionaries for the Slavic world. Shevchuk’s UECD in sum is a remarkable contribution to Ukrainian lexicology that will have a meaningful impact for decades to come.”