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Tanya Domi Interviewed by VOA about Crisis in Bosnia
November 30, 2021

Tanya Domi (International Affairs) was one of many experts interviewed by the Voice of America about the current crisis in Bosnia. According to the VOA report, “Western analysts say Bosnia-Herzegovina is facing its greatest crisis since the Dayton Accords ended a war there in 1995, with many suspecting Russian and Chinese hands in what could be the unraveling of the pact that has provided 25 years of uneasy peace.” Domi believes that the West is not taking Dodik’s actions seriously, stating, “What I’m deeply troubled by is that everybody just seems to think, ‘Oh well, we’ll turn these words around and we’re going to reverse the situation.’ And it’s clear that Mr. Dodik is doubling down.”

Photo: Members of a Bosnian Serb honor guard unit march in a ceremony marking the 28th anniversary of the founding of Republika Srpska.