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The Blade (Toledo) Interviews Gail Archer
November 4, 2022

Gail Archer (Professor of Professional Practice in Music) was interviewed by The Blade (Toledo, Ohio) in connection with her upcoming organ concert at Zoar Lutheran Church in Perrysburg, OH, which will feature works from her CD Chernivtsi: Contemporary Ukrainian Organ Music.

“Many organists will play Bach, and they’ ll play French romantic music,” she said. “Of course, all that music is beautiful, but there is so much more to discover. So I’m discovering it, I’m going out searching actively for music from other parts of Europe that are unknown.”


Archer has been performing Ukrainian works more often these days as Ukraine is locked in a fight for its survival against Russia, whose president, Vladmir Putin, is determined to bring the nation, independent since 1991, back under Moscow’s control.


“I’ve been able to play a number of concerts with my entire Ukrainian program here in New York, down at the Ukrainian Cathedral in Philadelphia, up in Winnipeg, Canada,” she said. “I’ve been traveling a great deal playing the Ukrainian program, and in many cases for benefit concerts with foundations that are working in Poland with Ukrainian refugees.”

Archer has performed more than a dozen concerts this fall in the U.S. and Canada, concentrating particularly on her repertoire of music from Eastern Europe.