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Thomas Kent on “How To Reach Russian Ears”
March 9, 2022

Thomas Kent (Adjunct Associate Professor of International Affairs) writes in an essay published by CEPA (Center for European Policy Analysis) that the West now has a responsibility to the Russian people to get the truth through.

How can the West make sure the facts of the Ukraine war get to Russian citizens? What should the messages be, who should do the talking, and how might we penetrate Putin’s new information Iron Curtain?

The most urgent content to deliver is news from the battlefield that official media hide. Russian soldiers are finding themselves under fire from Russian-speaking brethren fiercely loyal to Ukraine. Despite the robotic delivery of its military spokesman on Russian television, its soldiers are directly targeting civilians. Ukrainian activists are already pouring videos and memes onto social networks documenting the horrors; other images show frightened, captive Russian soldiers.