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The Work of Care in Russia

This 2021–2022 speaker series will explore how Soviet and post-Soviet Russian care workers have been sustaining lives, and why sometimes their efforts hurt rather than heal. Our speakers include historians and anthropologists who will discuss the global and domestic pressures and victories of post/socialist care work in Russia. We invite you to learn about the controversial work of Soviet defectologists, the operations of the notorious system of institutionalized care for disabled people in contemporary Russia, the labors of traditional Buryat healers, the mental health care industry, and the addiction treatment sector of Russian health care.

The Work of Care in Russia series is organized by Svetlana Borodina and co-sponsored by the Indiana University Russian Studies Workshop.

Speakers will tackle the following questions:

  • What are the unique features of post/socialist care work?
  • How has the work of care in Russia ameliorated or exacerbated vulnerabilities of both its providers and recipients?
  • How do global and domestic geopolitics and biopolitics manifest in daily practices of care?

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