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3 Questions with Sean Keeley (SIPA MIA ’22)
February 9, 2022

Photo: Sean Keeley in Moscow. 2014.

What are your research interests and/or subject of your thesis?

I am mainly interested in the trajectory of the U.S.-Russian relationship since the 1990s. However, my Harriman experience has also sent me down other research rabbit holes — including a project on Russian grand strategy in Southeast Asia and another on Stalin’s use of Xinjiang as a Soviet satellite in the 1930s. My SIPA capstone project is focused on Russia’s security policy in the Black Sea.

What do you enjoy most about the Harriman/SIPA experience?

Studying at the Harriman has enriched my SIPA experience by providing me with a deeper regional knowledge and tight-knit community of students with similar interests. Within a big policy school like SIPA, it’s hard to beat the camaraderie and personal attention from professors you find at the Harriman.

What is your favorite experience related to the region?

For pure historical interest, it would have to be seeing a Putin speech in St. Petersburg in May 2014. But I’ll also never forget going to a Russian rap concert (Vasya Oblomov!), watching Dr. Strangelove in a grand movie palace on Nevsky Prospect, or staying up during the White Nights on my penultimate night in the city.