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The Human Factor: How Robert Jervis Reshaped Our Understanding of International Politics
February 8, 2022

Thomas J. Christensen, Interim Dean of SIPA, and Karen Yarhi-Milo, Director of the Saltzman Center, co-authored an appreciation of Robert Jervis’s contributions to the study of international politics (Foreign Affairs, Jan. 9, 2022).

“If Donald Trump’s presidency taught anything to scholars of international relations, it is that the psychology of leaders matters a great deal. But that basic truth was one that our mentor and friend Robert Jervis, who passed away on December 9, 2021, had long stressed: in seeking to understand both behavior and outcomes in world aairs, Jervis championed the role of individuals’ perceptions and formative experiences rather than just broad political, social, and economic forces. His brilliant insights reected a full embrace of the complexity of international politics.”