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Aleksandar Bošković Interviewed on New Books Network Podcast
April 1, 2024

Aleksandar Bošković and co-editor Steven Teref were interviewed by art historian Iva Glisic about their new anthology, Zenithism (1921-1927): A Yugoslav Avant-Garde Anthology (Academic Studies Press, 2023).

Zenithism (1921-1927): A Yugoslav Avant-Garde Anthology is the first-ever English language anthology of zenithism – an eclectic avant-garde movement that operated in the Yugoslav region between 1921 and 1927. The founder of Zenithism – poet Ljubomir Micić – envisioned the movement as a fusion of futurism, dada, constructivism, expressionism, and proto-surrealism, with the movement’s philosophy embodied in the figure of the Balkan Barbarogenius (barbarian-genius). A hallmark of the movement was its embrace of cross-genre writing, from Micić’s ciné-poem Rescue Vehicle and Branko Ve Poljanski’s lyric novel 77 Suicides to MID’s lyric philosophic treatise The Sexual Equilibrium of Money. Reaching the wider international audience for the first time, this anthology sheds light on an untapped chapter in European modernism.