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Timothy Frye in Foreign Affairs on “Putin’s Hidden Weakness”
April 1, 2024

Timothy M. Frye (Marshall D. Shulman professor of post-Soviet foreign policy) coauthored an article, “Putin’s Hidden Weakness,” in Foreign Affairs with Henry Hale, Ora John Reuter (Harriman Postdoctoral Fellow, 2010-11), and Bryn Rosenfeld.

In Russia’s presidential election in mid-March, Russian President Vladimir Putin officially won his fifth term with 87 percent of the vote and the highest reported turnout in the country’s post-Soviet history. Indeed, by most measures, Putin remains popular. Opinion surveys just before the election pegged his approval rating above 80 percent. Some voters are likely afraid to tell pollsters otherwise, of course, but for an autocrat, that kind of fear is almost as good as real support. Either way, Russians are generally avoiding open protest.

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