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Civil Society Graduate Fellowship

The Harriman Institute Civil Society Graduate Fellowship supports graduate students from across Columbia University on a competitive application basis. The Fellowship supports travel and living expenses for unpaid practical summer internships at any international or non-governmental organization that benefits civil society in any of the countries of the Russian, Eurasian, or East-Central European region. Fellowships are awarded for a maximum of $4,500.

Application Details


Graduate students across Columbia University are eligible to apply. 

All applicants must meet current Columbia University travel requirements (see Travel Notice below).

Fellowship recipients are required to submit a brief trip report within six weeks of their return and may be asked to meet with Harriman donors supporting this fellowship.



  • Proposal – (1 page max.) Please indicate where you will be placed in your internship, and include whether your application is accepted or pending. Please describe how this internship will benefit civil society in the region, as well as how it will further your career after graduate school. Include the number of weeks you will be working, and attach the official job description and/or an invitation letter if possible.
  • Itemized budget – Please include the actual cost of airfare, lodging, and other related costs.
  • Curriculum vitae/résumé – Must include information on academic standing, as well as your Columbia PID number.
  • One confidential letter of recommendation (emailed directly by your recommender to Xan Faber at

How to Apply

Email application materials in a single message (except for the confidential recommendation letter, which should be emailed directly by the recommender) with the subject “Civil Society Graduate Fellowship” to Xan Faber ( Please send all documents as PDFs.

Next application deadline: April 1, 2022

Travel Notice

Due to Russia’s war on Ukraine as well as COVID restrictions, travel to the region will be limited. Recipients of the fellowship will need to follow the travel policy that is in effect as of January 18, 2022 as well as any other travel restrictions related to the war. Please review the relevant procedures. If traveling internationally, recipients must submit proof of travel approval before the Harriman Institute can release funds.

Columbia University requires that all members of the University community comply with specific procedures for international Columbia travel. Please consult the university travel policy for any changes.

Please note: Countries in our region have varying risk levels. Please consult Columbia's travel policy for guidelines on determining risk level and appropriate course of action.

For vaccinated students:
Columbia students must register their international Columbia Travel through the University’s Global Travel portal and complete other pre-departure travel requirements as follows:

  • For travel to insignificant-risk and low-risk locations, these affiliates are required to register international Columbia Travel.
  • For travel to medium-risk locations, these affiliates are required to register international Columbia Travel and have their itinerary reviewed by ISOS.
  • For travel to high-risk locations, these affiliates are required to register international Columbia Travel, have their itinerary reviewed by ISOS, and secure written approval from their dean or unit head.
  • For travel to extreme-risk locations, these affiliates are required to register international Columbia Travel, have their itinerary reviewed by ISOS, and secure written approvals from their dean or unit head and, for Morningside affiliates, from the Provost, and for CUMC affiliates, from the EVP and Dean of the Faculties of Health Sciences and Medicine.

For unvaccinated students with approved exemptions, international Columbia travel is not permitted.

This applies to travel both from the U.S. to non-U.S. countries and between non-U.S. countries, including after a return to a non- U.S. country of residence. Requests should be submitted prior to booking travel and at least 30 days prior to the commencement of travel.

Please contact for more information.