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Alexander Cooley and Colleagues Publish Landmark Study of UK’s Role in Enabling Post-Soviet Kleptocrats
December 8, 2021

On Wednesday, December 8th, Chatham House released a research paper on the UK’s kleptocracy problem and how servicing post-Soviet elites weakens the rule of law. Harriman Director, Alexander Cooley co-authored the paper along with John Heathershaw, Thomas Mayne, Casey Michel (MARS-REERS ’15), Tena Prelec, Jason Sharman, and Ricardo Soares de Oliveira.

The Guardian and Politico reported about the paper. Politico emphasized that “regulatory failures and a lack of enforcement make it easy for kleptocrats to launder money and their reputations in the U.K.” The Guardian highlighted that “Un-policed and often unenforceable anti-corruption laws have made the UK the global money-laundering capital for a post-Soviet Union elite, severely damaging Britain’s international reputation and the rule of law.”

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