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A City within a Building

Marshall D. Shulman Seminar Room, 1219 International Affairs Building 420 W 118th Street, 12th floor New York, NY 10027 United States + Google Map
A City within a Building
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Please join the Ukrainian Studies Program at Harriman Institute for a lecture by Maksym Romaniko. Moderated by Mark Andryczyk.

The lecture offers an in-depth analysis of the Mariupol Drama Theater bombing, a tragic episode from the early stages of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Using advanced spatial analysis and visualization methods, it reconstructs the theater’s evolution into a resilient community and its subsequent devastation by the air strike. It explores the intricate interplay between architecture and memory amid the war, inviting the attendees to engage in the critical mission of safeguarding this memory against deliberate erasure.

Maksym Rokmaniko (born in 1991 in Khmelnytsky, Ukraine) is a Ukrainian architect, researcher, and educator whose work emphasizes the use of spatial modeling technologies as a mode of inquiry into the urban condition. He is the founding director of the Center for Spatial Technologies (CST), a multidisciplinary practice based in Kyiv and Berlin – working at the intersection of architectural, investigative, anthropological, and artistic practices. With the escalation of Russia’s war against Ukraine, CST is working on the theme of war crimes and human rights violations. The Center collaborates with artistic and research institutions, grassroots initiatives, and human rights and forensic organizations. Rokmaniko regularly delivers talks and workshops in Europe and contributes work to exhibitions and cultural events. He lives and works in Berlin.

Image: Anna Dake