Columbia University in the City of New York

Harriman Institute

A poster by Julia Bedriy.



Assimilation Paradox: The Irony Curtain

Curated by Regina Khidekel

“As an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, I am keenly aware of the culture shock and challenges that recent immigrants face in their new country. This series of 15 posters explores issues of the immigrant life such as the language barrier, generation gap, nostalgia and constant search for and redefinition of a Russo-American identity. I construct my narrative digital collages based on the aesthetic of the Soviet propaganda posters, using mostly images and very little text to make a stronger visual statement that can transcend the language barrier. I integrate both photography and illustration into my work, using the new digital medium to bring these issues into the 21st century. My goal is not photorealism, but a clear message. I explore these serious issues with a sense of humor, inviting the viewer to do the same.” – Julia Bedriy