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Collective Memory, National Identity, and European Cultural Integration: The Central and Eastern European Perspective
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This conference will focus on the challenges that Central and Eastern European countries are facing in terms of memory and identity politics under two divergent processes: the divisive rise of nationalism and the unifying process of European cultural integration. Moderated by Aleksandar Bošković and Carna Pistan.


Panel I: Law and the Politics of Memory and Identity

  • Jiří Přibáň (Cardiff University, UK), Collective memory and constitutionalism
  • Gábor Halmai (European University Institute, Florence, Italy), Memory politics and democratic backsliding in Hungary
  • Uladzislau Belavusau (T.M.C. Asser Institute, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands), Belarus as an Overlooked Element in the Puzzle of Memory Laws and Wars in Europe
  • Alenka Antloga (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), The nexus between identity formation through the lens of the Bosnian Constitution and the right to stand for elections in a post-conflict society


Panel II: Europeanization of Memory and Nationalism

  • Ana Milošević (KU Leuven, Belgium), A future with(out) a past? Europeanization, memory and the Western Balkans
  • Aline Sierp (Maastricht University, Netherlands), United in Conflict? Memory Politics in the European Union
  • Irena Ristić (Institute of Social Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia), The interplay of nationalism and Europeanization in the Western Balkans


Panel III: Remembering to Prevent: Memory and Genocide Prevention?

  • Kerry Whigham (Binghamton University, New York, US), The Role of Memory and Memorialization in Atrocity Prevention
  • James Waller (Keene State College, New Hampshire, US), Navigating the Streams of Atrocity Prevention