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Homage to Diaghilev: Enduring Legacy

Under Serge Diaghilev’s (1872 – 1929) leadership and the Ballets Russes, in particular, (1909-1929) the art of the stage was changed and the legacy was everlasting. This exhibition will be comprised of twenty-five works by Russian artists working in Russia and abroad from the 1910’s through the 1950’s. It will include the works of N. Roerikh, G. Yakulov, B. Erdman, A. Ferdinandov, L. Khidekel, T. Bruni, P. Tchelitchev, A. Tishler, N. Akimov, G. Boriskovich, I. Sevastianov, and others. These artists chose the stage because Diaghilev opened it for them, making the participation of creative artists in performance as significant, meaningful, and prestigious as in the field of fine art.