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Hot Rhetoric & Cold Peace, Balkans 21st Century Style

This event was held virtually as a Zoom webinar and streamed via YouTube Live.

Please join us for a roundtable discussion with Reuf Bajrovic (US-Europe Alliance), political scientist Ljubomir Filipović, policy analyst, activist, and writer Agon Maliqi, human rights activist Anita Mitic, and political analyst and a public opinion expert Dahlia Scheindlin. Discussion moderated by Tanya Domi (Harriman Institute).

Against the backdrop of a recent “Washington Economic Agreement” between Serbia and Kosovo fashioned by the Trump Administration, and a seismic shift in Montenegrin politics leaving Milo Djukanovic’s DPS out of power for the first time in thirty years, this roundtable convenes to discuss these front-burner issues in the Balkans and more.


Reuf Bajrovic is Co-Chair of the US-Europe Alliance (USEA) in Washington, DC. He served as Minister of Energy of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the past twenty years, he has provided advisory and technical assistance services in areas of policy research and analysis, civil society and political party capacity building, and program development and evaluation. Bajrovic’s op-eds and feature articles have appeared in The American Interest, Just Security, Tampa Bay Times, El Pais, and Die Zeit. He is a frequent commentator in international media.

Ljubomir Filipović is a Montenegrin political scientist. For over a decade he has been involved in his country’s politics at a senior level. He has worked in the government and in the civil sector in Montenegro, Brussels, Caucasus and the US. He is interested in disinformation with a special focus on the former Soviet Union, Russia, Caucasus, Central Asia, and his native Balkans.


Agon Maliqi is a policy analyst, civil society activist and media writer from Prishtina, Kosovo. He is the creator and co-founding editor of, an Albanian-language opinions and analysis blog and, as of late, a regional think tank.




Anita Mitic is currently a Fulbright student at the Bush School at Texas A&M University, pursuing her MA degree in national security and diplomacy with concentrations in Women, Peace and Security and International Politics and Grand Strategy. Mitic has a decade-long career in the area of human rights, reconciliation, and regional cooperation in the Western Balkans. After she graduated from Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade, she was a National Endowment for Democracy fellow in the World Movement for Democracy, Washington D.C.

Dahlia Scheindlin is a political analyst and a public opinion expert. She has advised political, social and referendum campaigns in over fifteen countries including Israel where she is based, and she has particular expertise in the Balkans. Her academic work focuses on unrecognized states in ethno-nationalist conflicts and comparative conflict analysis, she is a policy fellow at The Century Foundation and a founding writer at +972 Magazine.


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