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Russian Information Operations in East Europe: Techniques and Western Responses

This event was held virtually and streamed on the Harriman Institute’s Facebook page via Facebook Live

Please join the Program on U.S.-Russia Relations at the Harriman Institute for a panel discussion about Russian information operations in East Europe.

The East European nations formerly controlled by the Soviet Union remain the targets of intense Russian information operations, aimed at undermining their relationships with the EU and painting a nostalgic, positive picture of their Soviet past. In many cases, Russian information operators also make common cause with native illiberal forces in these countries, such as anti-immigration activists. Three specialists will discuss the nature of Russian information efforts and the most effective ways to respond to them.


Thomas Kent, Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University; former president of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty; former editor at The Associated Press

Corina Rebegea, Fellow-in-Residence at the Center for European Policy Analysis, Washington, D.C.

Jeffrey Simon Willard, Director of Global Engagement, FDR Foundation, Harvard University

Moderated by Elise Giuliano, Lecturer in Discipline, Department of Political Science; Director of Graduate Studies, Harriman Institute

Event Video