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A photo depicting the performance art of Andrey Bartenev.



The Dreamer from the Northern Lights

Please join the Harriman Institute for an exhibit of photographs, curated by Alexander Khromov and Natasha Sharymova, depicting the performance art of Andrey Bartenev. Featuring photographs by: Pavel Antonov, Hans-Jurgen Burkart, Petra Fantozzi, Vladimir Fridkes, Yuriy Gavrilenko, Alexander Khromov, Gleb Kosorukov, Jens Kowell, Yuriy Kozyrev, Ivan Onoprienkо, George Kurgin, Natasha Sharymova, and Irina Voilteleva.


About the Artist


Andrey Bartenev is a contemporary Russian futurist artist whose works range from installations and sculptures to performance art. In his wild costumes and makeup, Bartenev embodies the artistic medium. Inspired by the mythology of art, the dreams of scientists and porno-anime, his various projects include an “eight-legged dog for high-speed transportation;” a performance titled “Black Caviar Road” featuring a line of Russian black caviar cans rolling by on car tires; a sound installation titled “Say: I love you,” which uses a computer and two hundred speakers to project an echo of the words “I love you,” and more. Since 2014, he has been exhibiting BUBBLES OF HOPE, a performance art installation involving a procession of brightly clad artists frolicking through urban terrain. The piece was exhibited at the Dumbo Arts Festival in 2013 and appeared at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam in 2014. For additional details on Bartenev’s life and work go here.


Bartenev in the Media:


“Bartenev’s performance art is at the forefront of the Russian artistic avant-garde. He’s the Damien Hirst of the Arctic Circle…” – The Independent

“…magical installation costumes that recalled Russian constructivism,” The New York Times

“Walking pop-art thunderer” and “Great eccentric, the hero of the cartoonists,” Vogue Russia

“Bartenev’s performance art is at the forefront of the Russian artistic avant-garde. He’s the Damlen Hirst of the Arctic Circle…Not a single British performance artist has achieved a reputation matching this sensational artist…,” The Independent

“The most extravagant exhibitions of Venice Biennale 2007” Visionary magazine

“Oscar Schlemmer meets Rodchenko…” Brian Eno on Andrey’s costumes in his book “The Year With Swollen Appendices”

“Freak of the Year, 2007,” Russian GQ in the “Russia’s 100 Most Stylish People” issue, featured on the same page as Mikhail Baryshnikov.