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The Oxford Handbook of Russian Poetry: Performances and Forms

On October 28-29, the Harriman Institute held the conference The Oxford Handbook of Russian Poetry: Performances and Forms.


Day One

Friday, October 28, 2022


9:45-10:00am | Welcoming Remarks

Mark Lipovetsky and Luba Golbert


10:00am-1:00pm | Performances I

Moderator: Luba Golbert (UC Berkeley)

  • Ilya Vinitsky (Princeton University): “The Court Poet”
  • Kirill Ospovat (University of Wisconsin-Madison): “The Orator Poet”
  • Mikhail Makeev (Moscow): “Poets of the Nekrasov School and Their Opponents”


2:00-4:00pm | Forms I

Moderator: Catherine Ciepiela (Amherst College)

  • Boris Maslov (University of Oslo): “Theories of Poetic Form”
  • Nila Friedberg (Portland University): “Versification”


4:00-5:30pm | Reception


6:00-9:00pm | Screening of Boris and Discussion

Special event with Dmitry Krymov



Day Two

Saturday, October 29, 2022


9:30-11:00am | Performances II

Moderator: Stephanie Sandler (Harvard University)

  • Sibelan Forrester (Swarthmore College): “The Woman Poet”
  • Isobel Palmer (University of Birmingham): “Performed Poetry”


11:30am-1:30pm | Performances III

Moderator: Catherine Ciepiela

  • Mark Lipovetsky (Columbia University): “The Soviet Poet”
  • Gleb Morev (Berlin): “Poet as Public Intellectual”


2:30-4:30pm | Forms II

Moderator: Stephanie Sandler

  • Irina Reyfman (Columbia University): “Verse Forms”
  • Michael Wachtel (Princeton University): “Long/Narrative Poems”


5:00-6:00pm | Concluding Session

Joint Discussion on Forms and Performances


Event Videos

Day 1

Special Event with Dmitry Krymov

Day 2