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Ustav Republike Hrvatske (The Constitution) – Film Screening & Discussion

This event was held virtually as a Zoom webinar and streamed via YouTube Live.

Registrants will receive a link to independently view the film prior to the live event.

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The East Central European Center at the Harriman Institute presents its 2020-2021 film series: Contemporary Society and Its Discontents, a series of screenings and discussions of films from the past five years that comment on various aspects of contemporary life in East Central Europe. The second event of the series presents the Croatian film Ustav Republike Hrvatske (The Constitution, 2016). Join us for a discussion with screenwriter and director Rajko Grlić, moderated by Aleksandar Bošković (co-director, East Central European Center).

The Constitution is a story about four very different people who live in the same building but avoid each other because of differences in how they live their lives, what they believe in, and where they come from. They would probably never exchange a word, but misfortune pushes them towards each other. Their lives entangle in ways that profoundly challenge deep-held beliefs and prejudices surrounding material status, sexual orientation, nationality and religion. Slowly, and even painfully, they begin to open up to each other and recognize the essential humanity each of them possesses.

More about the film and awards it won:

Rajko Grlić was born in 1947 in Zagreb, Croatia, then Yugoslavia. In 1971, he graduated from a directing program at FAMU in Prague. He is a Distinguished Professor of Film at Ohio University in Athens, OH. His films have been shown in theaters across all five continents, and have been included in competitions at leading world festivals, including Cannes, where they have received numerous international awards. As a director and scriptwriter he worked on the following feature films:

2016    The Constitution
2010    Just Between Us
2006    Border Post
2002    Josephine
2001    Who Wants To Be A President – documentary, co-director
1991    Charuga
1989    That Summer of White Roses 
1986    Three For Happiness
1984    In the Jaws of Life
1981    You Love Only Once    
1978    Bravo Maestro  
1974    If It Kills Me  


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