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War in Ukraine and Violations of Academic Freedom
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Please join the Program on U.S.-Russian Relations for a conversation with Dmitry Dubrovskiy. Moderated by Elise Giuliano.

War is always a source of widespread human rights violations. Since academic rights and freedoms are linked to human rights, the widespread violation of human rights inevitably leads to a breach of academic freedom. At the same time, the atrocities of the war affected academics, students, and academic institutions. Annexation or occupation of Ukrainian territories leads to a breach of the intellectual autonomy of educational institutions, forcibly restructuring them under the national system of the occupying country. Also, a separate issue in academic freedom is the pressure on Russian academia and direct repression against those trying to either resist or at least respond to this pressure. Finally, the scholars in exile’ academic freedom is also under dispute because of sanctions against Russian citizens in general.

Dmitry Dubrovskiy (PhD in History) –Research Fellow at the Center for Independent Social Research, St. Petersburg, Russia. Dubrovskiy, alumni of St. Petersburg State University and European University at St. Petersburg, founded and directed the Ethnic Studies Program at the European University at St. Petersburg from 1999-2005. He was also the founder and lecturer of the Human rights program, Smolny College of Liberal Arts and Science, St. Petersburg State University from 2004-2015. He was visiting lecturer in Bard College (New York), Witwatersrand University (Johannesburg), and adjunct assistant professor Harriman Institute, Columbia University (2015-2017). Till March 2022 – Associate Professor, Higher School of Economics (Moscow). Early April this year declared “foreign agent” in Russia, left country and currently working at Charles University, Prague.

This event is supported by a grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York.

Image: Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Kharkiv Oblast, CC BY 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons