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Ferenc Laczó In Demand for Comment on the Rise of Péter Magyar
April 13, 2024
Ferenc Laczó has given several expert interviews and was quoted in leading Dutch-language media in recent weeks, such as on on March 22 (link) and in the Belgium newspaper De Morgen on April 9 (link). He was asked to comment on the political rise of Péter Magyar. As a former regime insider critiquing the Orbán regime, Magyar has managed to establish himself as the single most discussed Hungarian politician and mobilize significant crowds within a few weeks of the launch of his career.
Laczó has emphasized that Magyar’s sharp critique of the Orbán regime amounts to a major public event that might change the political mood in the country. The regime, despite numerous attempts, has not been able to discredit him. However, the future of Magyar’s political career remains uncertain at this stage, Laczó added, notwithstanding the fact that he has been more successful than any other new politician opposed to the Orbán regime since the beginnings of the latter around 2010.
Photo: B. Molnár Béla, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons