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Georgi Gospodinov’s “Fragments about the War” in Harriman Magazine
September 19, 2022

The Fall 2022 issue of Harriman Magazine will publish “Fragments about the War” by Georgi Gospodinov, currently the Harriman’s Writer in Residence. In these reflections, dated February 24, 2022, Gospodinov, among other things, traces the eerie connection between the war in Ukraine and his most recent novel, Time Shelter.

“I dealt at length with the discrete monster of the past and 1939 in my last novel, Time Shelter. It ends with a a scene of a detailed reenactment of the beginning of World War II. The troops are gathered at the border, waiting. Suddenly, a real gunshot is fired from the reenactment and …”

The editors are pleased to share Mr. Gospodinov’s “Fragments” with the Harriman community as a preview from the print and digital magazines, which will be out in late October.

Read Fragments about the War by Georgi Gospodinov

Photo by Phelia Baruh.