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Klara Naszkowska’s “Early Women Psychoanalysts” Published by Routledge
March 3, 2024

Klara Naszkowska (Harriman Visiting Scholar 2023-24) is the editor of Early Women Psychoanalysts: History, Biography, and Contemporary Relevance (Routledge, 2024).

From the publisher:

Each life story is unique, yet each also entwines with other stories, sharing recurring themes linked to issues of gender, Jewishness, women’s education, politics, and migration.

The book’s first section discusses relatively known analysts such as Sabina Spielrein, Lou Andreas-Salomé, and Beata Rank, remembered largely as someone’s wife, lover, or muse; and the second part sheds light on women such as Margarethe Hilferding, Tatiana Rosenthal, and Erzsébet Farkas, who took strong political stances. In the third section, the biographies of lesser-known analysts like Ludwika Karpińska-Woyczyńska, Nic Waal, Barbara Low, and Vilma Kovács are discussed in the context of their importance for the early Freudian movement; and in the final section, the lives of Eugenia Sokolnicka, Sophie Morgenstern, Alberta Szalita, and Olga Wermer are examined in relation to migration and exile, trauma, loss, and memory.

With a clear focus upon the continued importance of these women for psychoanalytic theory and practice, as well as discussion that engages with pertinent issues such as gendered discrimination, inhumane immigration laws, and antisemitism, this book is an important reading for students, scholars, and practitioners of psychoanalysis, as well as those involved in gender and women’s studies, and Jewish and Holocaust studies.