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New York Review of Books on Cooley and Nexon’s Exit from Hegemony
April 12, 2021

Exit from Hegemony: The Unraveling of the American Global Order (Cornell University Press) by Harriman Director Alexander Cooley and his co-author Daniel Nexon (Georgetown University) is reviewed in the New York Review of Books (April 29, 2021).

Exit from Hegemony by Alexander Cooley of Barnard and Daniel Nexon of Georgetown forswears predictions but nonetheless ends up finding that there is little chance of a strong comeback for the US as a world power. Few readers will be surprised by Cooley and Nexon’s argument that the era of unrivaled American dominance—or global unipolarity, as some then fancied it—in the years following the fall of the Soviet Union was an anomaly. But they go much further: they see little prospect of the US ever again being much more than a marginal first among global equals—a skeptical view of American prospects that has only just begun to edge into broad public discussion.