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Rory Finnin Co-Authors Politico Essay on the “Real Goal of Kremlin Disinformation”
March 24, 2022

Rory Finnin (Harriman Certificate; Ph.D. Slavic, 2010), co-authored, with Jon Roozenbeek, an opinion piece for Politico magazine on the Kremlin’s real goal in its disinformation campaign.

Putin’s chorus of deception will flood us with messages designed to sow enough confusion and doubt that some may even begin to reinterpret the meaning of the invasion he launched on Feb. 24 to wipe out a diverse, freedom-loving, democratic neighbor. They will be abetted by groups in the West on the extremes of the political spectrum, long supported by Kremlin money.

Photo: President Vladimir Putin giving speech during a celebration marking the anniversary of Crimea’s reunification with Russia at the Luzhniki Sports Centre in Moscow 2022, via Wikimedia Commons.