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Sophie Pinkham (MARS-REERS ’12; Ph.D. Slavic Dept. ’19) on Zelensky’s Calls for Peace for New York Magazine
March 8, 2022

New York Magazine’s Intelligencer published a piece by Sophie Pinkham (MARS-REERS ’12; Ph.D. Slavic Dept. ’19) titled “Can Volodymyr Zelensky Save Ukraine?”

Describing Zelensky from his background in comedy to his current day persona, Pinkham emphasizes peace as the Ukrainian President’s unified message:

“Rather than making bombastic calls to crush the enemy and ride to victory, he calls for peace and the preservation of human life regardless of nationality. He always returns to his wish to stop the war, and he makes it crystal clear, on the level of emotion as well as logic, that Ukraine’s response to the Russian invasion is an act of pure self-defense. “


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Photo credit: Jozef Kotulič via Wikimedia Commons