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Tinatin Japaridze (MARS-REERS ’19) Writes on the Limits of Applying the Georgia Case to Ukraine
March 7, 2022

On March 2nd, 2022, Tinatin Japaridze (MARS-REERS ’19) published an article for the Middle East Institute’s blog about applying the Georgia lense to the analysis of Russia’s current War against Ukraine. Along with her co-author Natia Gamkrelidze (Harvard’s Davis Center), Japaridze writes:

“Some headlines have focused on establishing parallels between the two, which suggests that Vladimir Putin is re-enacting his “Georgia playbook” in Ukraine. While there are similarities, we argue that overstating them leads to a deeper misunderstanding of both conflicts and leaves out significant differences that need to be addressed.”


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Photo credit: Omer Karabacak on Shutterstock.