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Tanya Domi Interviewed by Nieman Reports and Face TV about Capitol Riot
January 12, 2021

Tanya Domi (International Affairs) was interviewed by Nieman Reports about how the events in Washington are part of a global pheonmenon and the need for new legislation across all contemporary media platforms:

Diminishing the media is something Trump became incredibly good at — but it’s obviously not a new tactic. “The statement that the media is ‘the enemy of the people’ is straight out of Stalin’s playbook, but more recently, [look] at what happened in the Balkans during the ’90s, [and what’s] happening in the Philippines. It is a global phenomenon,” says Tanya Domi, an adjunct professor of international and public affairs at Columbia University and an expert on the Balkans and autocratic leaders in Eastern Europe.

The Fairness Doctrine, which requires FCC-licensed TV and radio stations to give airtime to controversial public issues and allow opposing viewpoints on them, “needs to be re-instituted across all new contemporary platforms in which media is reported, [and] that has to become a priority,” along with stronger education in areas like civics, says Domi. She also encourages congressional hearings, pushed by the heads of media organizations, on threats to a free press: “Journalists [are] harassed and have been threatened around the world and [they] live with it in a way that [is] really honorable, but after a while, that really diminishes your capacity to stay at it without backing of the editorial leadership. What you learn about autocrats is that they’ll threaten and belittle and intimidate as long as they have the room to do it.”

Domi also appeared on Face TV Central News, the top public affairs show in the Balkans, to give her thoughts on the incoming U.S. Administration and what it means for U.S. relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to give her impressions of the events in Washington as well.