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Yuri Shevchuk Participates in Webinar on Sviatoslav Karavansky
January 11, 2021

Yuri Shevchuk participated in a virtual roundtable, “Linguistic Achievements of Sviatoslav Karavansky in Today’s Realities,” organized by the Institute of the Ukrainian Language at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He presented a paper, “Sviatoslav Karavansky and the Practice of Contemporary Ukrainian Lexicography,” in which he discussed the contribution of this leading, and yet to be appreciated, Ukrainian linguist and lexicographer to contemporary Ukrainian studies and the task of reversing decades of Russification of the Ukrainian language and culture. The paper examines how Karavansky’s lexicographical methodology was used in the Ukrainian-English Collocation Dictionary, a project that has no precedents in Slavic and English bilingual lexicography. It is slated for publication in late March 2021.