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Tanya Domi in Demand for Comment on Western Balkans
January 26, 2024

On January 25, the G20 Interfaith Forum’s Anti-Racism Initiative, in cooperation with the International Academy of Multicultural Cooperation, held a webinar entitled “Nationalism, Religion, and Discrimination in the Western Balkans,” at which Tanya Domi spoke on current issues in Bosnia and her experiences with US interventions working as a congressional aide during the Bosnian War. Read the writeup of the webinar.

A few days earlier, Domi was quoted in an article in the Tirana Times (Jan. 22, 2024) about U.S. defense investment in the Western Balkans.

For Professor Domi, “the State Department and the White House at this moment have different priorities.”

She added that even President Biden, who is considered to have good knowledge of the Balkans, is preoccupied with the issue of elections in the United States, and “they do not see the Balkans with attention until they are forced to do something. And if they have to do something, it will be too late. This is my biggest concern and fear.”

Read the article in Tirana Times.