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“Thinking Russia’s History Environmentally” by Evtuhov, Lajus and Moon
August 14, 2023

Harriman professors Catherine Evtuhov and Julia Lajus, together with David Moon of the University of York, are co-editors of Thinking Russia’s History Environmentally (Berghahn Books, July 2023).

Thinking Russia’s History Environmentally is a work of bold vision, grand synthesis, and fine detail in creative combination by an outstanding team of editors and authors. Making productive use of a growing body of international and domestic scholarship on Russian internal imperialism, infrastructures, industrial pollution, disasters, environmentalists, exotic animals, and natural resources from fish to fossil fuels this rich volume illuminates and opens up to global comparison a history that for a long time seemed both enclosed, enigmatic and exceptional.”

Sverker Sörlin, Professor of Environmental History, KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory, Stockholm


Table of Contents

Detail from Isaak Levitan’s “On the River (Steamboat on the Volga),” which appears on the cover of the volume.