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Voices of Ukraine Season 2, Episode 7: To See Beauty Again: Anna Stavychenko on the Importance of Promoting Ukrainian Culture
May 8, 2024

Since Russia first invaded Ukraine in 2014, Ukrainian musicologist and former director of Kyiv Symphony Orchestra, Anna Stavychenko, has been promoting Ukrainian classical music worldwide. She’s currently writing a novel about her experiences since Russia’s full-scale invasion. Listen to her story.

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This episode was written and produced by Masha Udensiva-Brenner with associate production by Alena Struzh and editorial feedback from Mark Andryczyk.

Check out the Winter 2024 issue of Harriman Magazine to read an excerpt from Anna’s novel in progress and other essays and articles about Ukraine.

Click here to view a concert from Stavychenko’s 1991 Project, which includes Maksym Berezovsky’s Sonata for violin and harpsichord featured in the episode, performed by Antonina Krysa and Olga Vardanyan. Also, click here to view the 1991 Project’s concert featuring Zoltan Almashi’s Suite No. 1 for Cello Solo, performed by Olga Driga, and Victoria Poleva’s Gulf stream for Two Cellos performed by Driga and Nataliia Ivanovska.

Watch the National Philharmonic of Ukraine’s performance for the Paris Philharmonic in Kyiv.