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Emma Wilbur: Summer 2021 PepsiCo Fellow
November 16, 2021

Emma Wilbur (MARS-REERS ‘22) received a PepsiCo Travel and Research Fellowship to conduct research for her MA thesis in Istanbul, Turkey this summer. She also received the Hazard and Bahkmeteff fellowships (‘21-22) and a MARS-REERS fellowship (‘20-21) to support her studies at the Harriman Institute. This summer, Emma also interned at The Oxus Society, where she helped track migration and protests across Central Asia.

PepsiCo Fellowships are open to all Columbia faculty and students and are awarded annually to support semester and summer travel to and research in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Applications for the next cycle of student PepsiCo Travel and Research Fellowships are due November 26th.